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A Final Lesson

January 18, 2016

What more could possibly happen?

sailingWell, a lot, actually. It could fill a book but we don’t have time or space for that. You just never know what the universe has in store for you.

During a family trip in 2008, I suddenly became violently ill on the last day of our vacation. I was rushed to the closest emergency room with terrible abdominal pain. Unfortunately, I was misdiagnosed. Ironically, this was shortly after my colleagues and I finished creating a patient safety video, “Things You Should Know Before Entering The Hospital.” I had written a video about medical errors, and now I was about to experience it for myself.

The next morning, my husband drove our family to the Denver airport, intending to fly home to Chicago. I was still doubled over in pain. There was no way I should have even attempted flying. But I wasn’t thinking clearly. Fortunately, I believe I was watched over, and our flight got cancelled three times. By that time, I knew I couldn’t get on the plane.

If I had been on board, I probably would have died. Collapsing at the gate, I was rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital, and learned I had a ruptured appendix. It was a scary time. Yet, I made it through. I believe it’s for a reason. I’ve got more to do here.

That last “wake-up” call gave me a loud message: Get going. Take action while you can. We all only have so much time. Bring more good stories to life.

There is no better time to move forward than today. That’s why it’s called, “the present.”

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