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Difference Makers Summit 2015

Boost your business now!

Take advantage of Lynn’s gift to you — Seven hours of recordings from recognized thought leaders and best-selling authors at The Difference Makers Summit.   It’s a heart-based series to change your world! 

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Here’s a sneak preview:

Tune in to interviews on topics to enlighten, inspire and empower your business.

Part 1: “The SMART Factor In Online Marketing”
Guest: Roland Takaoka, Founder, R and D Hotline

Part 2: “From Chaos and Confusion To Clarity and Cash”
Guest: V. Lynn Hawkins, Founder/CEO/Dean, P3 Academy Of Social Entrepreneurship

Part 3: “Learn To Be Happy Now With Mind Power Technology!”
Guests: Robert MacPhee & Cheryl Valk, MindPT

Part 4: “Reach New Heights Of Success: Hangout and Livestream Promo Strategies”
Guest: Virginia Parsons, Host/Producer, The Inspirational Business Women’s Show

Part 5: “Mastering The Influence Game: How To Be A Top Leader”
Guest: Teresa De Grosbois, Founder, Wildfire Academy, The Evolutionary Business Council

Part 6: “Get Empowered With An International Expert On Mindfulness”
Guest: Dr. Steve Taubman, Founder of Powertrack Presentations

Part 7: “Attract Perfect Clients Through Your Story”
Guest: Lynn Sanders, Producer/Host, “The Difference Makers”
Panel: Molly Youngblood Geiger, Jimbo Marshall, Roland Takaoka, Virginia Parsons