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Expert Resources For Your Business

As you grow your business, you’ll want experts at your side. No one can do everything. Here are my recommendations of amazing, talented friends and colleagues, who are offering free gifts and affordable programs to build your success.

Create Your Own Hangout On Air

1. – Personal Guidance from Hangout Mentor
2. – Hangout Mentor Fast-Start Program
3. – Hangout Promotion Strategies To Shine & Get Noticed
4. – Advanced Hangout & Livestream Marketing Blueprint

Procrastination Annihilation

5. Procrastination Annihilation” Outstanding six-module online course with Dr. Steve Taubman –

Media Coverage

6. “The Difference Makers” – Live WebTV platform to business entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations, produced and hosted by Lynn Sanders.

7. Award-winning National Publicity Agency: EMSI Incorporated, led by Marsha Friedman offers guaranteed publicity coverage on TV, radio, print. See: Marsha Friedman –

8. Media Platform: Late Night Health Radio Network – – Entertaining and informative opportunity on topics of health and wellness – produced and hosted by Mark Alyn.

Internet Marketing

9. R&D Hotline – If you’ve got a question, call the hotline. Internet Marketing with Roland Takaoka. See:

10. Affiliate Network Marketing – Integrate and promote other programs into your own services, and share in the profits. See:

11. Vendor Registration – Sell your own products or programs in a searchable Marketplace, with the support of affiliate promotion.

Transformational Leadership Organization

11. Learn from Transformational World Leaders at The Evolutionary Business Council. See: