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1. Free “Unleash Your Greatness” Manifesto and Video –
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2. Free Mindfulness Assessment by Dr. Steve Taubman. Includes the first 40 pages of Steve’s best-seller, “Unhypnosis: How To Wake Up, Start Over, and Create The Life You Were Meant To Live.” See:

3. Free pdf illustration of Steve Taubman’s ingenious “Seven Steps For Getting Things Done.” See:

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5. Free Hangout Marketing Checklist by Virginia Parsons:

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1. Free Kindle Best-Seller: “Mass Influence: The Habits Of The Highly Influential” by best-selling author, Teresa DeGrosbois. Learn how to grow your influence and make a big difference. See:

2. Free Book on “Bee-Ing Attraction: What Love Has To Do With Business & Marketing – by Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman. Activate the power of strategic synchronicity and create your own Attraction plan. See:

3. Free Report – Attracting Perfect Customers – Results In 48 hours! Step-by-step strategy to attract what you want in business relationships. See: