Creating Stories From The Heart

Hi!  My name is Lynn Sanders, the Make A Difference Strategist.  I'm here to help you build your influence, impact and revenue.  And it all starts with stories from your heart.

I’ve developed an authentic way to share your message, connect with those you want to serve, and bring the success you deserve.

Let me share my story.

Great Stories Solve With A Problem

Our greatest lessons happen after a life challenge.  

For me, my world came to a stop at the end of 2004.  Three significant people suddenly passed away within eight weeks, including my dearest mother.  It took a long time to heal. My journey led me to meet a number of gifted healers and personal development leaders. 

I knew I had to use my time more wisely... find a bigger purpose.  I needed to learn to value myself more, in order to show others how to do the same.

Three years later, I had a medical misdiagnosis... a close brush with death. Recuperating in the hospital from a ruptured appendix, I had a vivid dream with my mother.  Her words were, "This is the day..."

From that personal story, I learned a lesson.  I was reminded to live each day to the fullest.  Time is precious.  We can choose to be a light for others in need.  And it's up to us to make a positive difference.

Making A Difference 

Make The Most From Your Story  

It takes a village to raise a child.  We believe it takes a team to make a difference.

With over 30 years of creative experience, our company has been serving a wide range of visionary leaders, with stories that educate, inspire and transform lives.

Lynn and her team provides a full scope of services in story consulting, writing, video programs and promotion.  We're seasoned professionals, dedicated to bringing your stories to life.  

We've even taken challenging experiences and made the into valuable video stories.  When a video editor encountered a life-threatening error in the hospital, Lynn and her colleagues created the nationally award-winning patient safety video, "Things You Should Know Before Entering The Hospital."   That film is being updated and available to the public soon.  It offers life-saving tips that people need to know to avoid medical errors and unnecessary infections.

As an award-winning writer, Lynn is also the author of two children's books:  Social Justice:  How You Can Make A Difference, and the best-seller, Dancing With Tex:  The Remarkable Friendship To Save The Whooping Cranes.  The Illinois Conservation Foundation chose to honor Lynn as their "2017 Conservation Author of the Year" for that true friendship story between a world-famous ornithologist and a rare bird.  Their relationship helped save the Whooping Cranes from extinction.  (Whoop!  Whoop!)  See:

We also offer interviews through Lynn's live streaming program, "The Difference Makers."  New guests are welcome to apply.  Unlike most programs, our guests  receive a story strategy session, on-camera guidelines, a custom banner and promotion on multiple social media sites.   The bonus is being included on four live-streaming platforms through Wonderful Living TV.

Let’s make your stories great ones!

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