Empowering your success through your unique life stories 

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Hi!  My name is Lynn Sanders, the Story Marketing Coach. 

My passion is serving business owners and nonprofit organizations, expanding their impact, influence and revenue through the power of their stories.

Stories have been around since the dawn of humanity for a reason.  They build trust, credibility and authentic connections.  Through stories that touch the heart, we get remembered.  We develop bonds that can last a lifetime. 

Throughout my life, I've loved stories.  

I started writing poems on paper napkins as soon as I could wield a pencil, and haven't stopped writing since that time.  News Editor and Feature Editor at our school newspaper.  Commercial and live trade show writer at a music production house.  Newsletter writer for major corporations.  Video scriptwriter for production companies, Fortune 500 clients and nonprofit organizations.  Speechwriter.  Lyricist.  Blogger, publicity writer, you name it!

What I discovered is -- no matter what -- business storytelling is all about crafting stories that catapult results.  When you learn how to create a compelling story that touches the heart, providing lessons that benefit an audience, people pay attention.   I remember when one of my publicity stories made it to the front page of the Sunday Chicago Tribune.  That story caught our Mayor's attention, and the outcome was a $100,000 award to the nonprofit.  

So now, I serve heart-centered business leaders through story coaching, writing, video programs and marketing -- to magnify their good work to their ideal target market.  

Isn't it exciting what stories can do?   

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What I’ve discovered about storytelling is... it's an authentic way to:

  • Clarify your message 
  • Attract those you want to serve
  • Share your story to inspire, engage and transform lives
  • Make a bigger difference through your compelling stories
  • Build deeper connections


Great stories solve a problem

To make a difference to you right now, I'd like to offer you some tips. 

Every good story needs a flow -- a strong beginning, middle and end.  Right? 

You also need something else. 

A great story needs to show how you overcame an obstacle.  When you demonstrate how you persevered in spite of the obstacles, your audience can identify with you. 

When your audience finds themselves in your story, you'll attract more prospects to you.


Making A Difference 

Making the most from your story  

After the sudden passing of my mother in December of 2004, one of my deepest regrets was not having much of her stories on camera.  It was then that I realized how precious our time is on earth.   

I felt determined that I would not let that mistake happen again. 

Not only did I interview my father on-camera, but I also decided to interview inspiring thought leaders.  Learning from marketing expert Alex Mandossian and being one of the winners in his Hangout Marketing Challenge, I created my own show, "The Difference Makers."   

Over the years, I'm grateful for the pleasure of interviewing many awesome leaders, from Helice "Grandma Sparky" Bridges, founder of Blue Ribbons Worldwide, and Bob Burg, international best-selling author and speaker of "The Go-Giver" books to Jacqueline Reed of Westside Health Authority and Zully Alvarado of Causes for Change International. 

It has been an honor and blessing to empower people and organizations through story coaching, writing interviewing, video programs and speaking.  I'm grateful for "The 2017 Conservation Author of the Year" award from the Illinois Conservation Foundation for my "Dancing With Tex" children's book.  And I'm especially thrilled to become a Global Blue Ribbon Ambassador in 2021, and lead Chicago as the third Blue Ribbon City in the world!

As I've learned, it takes a team to build success.  My thanks also go to the excellent coaching from Virginia Parsons at Media Spotlight Marketing, Hugh Ballou at Synervision Leadership, and colleagues from CEO Space, C-Suite Network, The Max Community, The Global Chamber Cooperative and Bee Konnected.

I believe we all make a difference.  You just get to choose what kind of difference you want to make.

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