Lynn’s Personal Story

Chapter 1:  The Beginning

Growing up on the south side of Chicago, I absorbed wonderful values.  The importance of family.  Compassion.  And doing good deeds.  As the oldest of four children, I loved hearing and making up stories, poems and playing piano.

Graduating from college, I found my way into a Chicago commercial music production house.  As both Writer and Director of Client Services, I learned to write live trade shows with a marketing focus that “stopped ‘em in the aisles.”  I also created lyrics, broadcast copy and represented the company at the Chicago ad agencies and production houses.  What fun!   My ‘claim to fame’ was the WGN-TV theme lyrics, “Chicago’s Very Own,” starring Lou Rawls.

After seven years, I started my own creative writing shop, Park Avenue Productions.  Through my network of contacts, I kept busy on a wide spectrum of projects. Video scripts. Speeches. Press releases. Newsletters. Articles. Ads. Brochures. Sales letters. Blogs. Interviews.

But like any good story, a turning point was around the corner.

Chapter 2:  Turning Point

Our greatest lessons happen after a life challenge.  

For me, my world came to a stop at the end of 2004.  Three significant people suddenly passed away within eight weeks, including my dearest mother.  It took a long time to heal. My journey led me to meet a number of gifted healers and personal development leaders.

Three years later, I had a medical misdiagnosis... a close brush with death. Recuperating in the hospital from a ruptured appendix, I had a vivid dream with my mother.  It was a reminder to celebrate life.  Time is precious.  

Chapter 3:  Making A Difference

For over thirty years, I’ve been in the business of making a difference for clients.  

My new company name, “Difference Makers Media” reinforces that intention.  I’ve trained with amazing professionals in marketing, coaching and writing.  Now, I’m gratified to empower people and organizations with a full range of services:  Story Coaching, Strategic Writing, Marketing and Media Promotion.  I also collaborate with a team of seasoned professionals who are committed to your success.  

I’m the author of two children's books:  "Social Justice:  How You Can Make A Difference," and the best-seller, "Dancing With Tex:  The Remarkable Friendship To Save The Whooping Cranes."  It was a thrill to be honored by The Illinois Conservation Foundation as their "2017 Conservation Author of the Year" for raising environmental awareness through my book.

When a video editor encountered a life-threatening error in the hospital, my colleagues and I created the nationally award-winning patient safety video, "Things You Should Know Before Entering The Hospital." 

It’s a privilege to interview difference makers through my live streaming program, "The Difference Makers."  I welcome new guests, and encourage you to connect with me.

Let’s make your stories great ones!


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