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For as long as I can remember, I was drawn to the wonder of stories, music, and nature.

Stories allowed me to capture time.  Playing piano took me into another world.  And walking in nature uplifted my spirits.  I started writing poems on paper napkins… and got my first award in 2nd grade for writing the “Chicago Clean-Up poem.”

It was especially exciting to see how stories could touch others… As the roving News and Feature Editor at our school newspaper, I appreciated how stories could bring us together.

Creating Compelling Stories Professionally

After graduation, I discovered the magical world of commercial writing. 

My first professional training was as a writer and Director of Client Services at a commercial music production house. 

I learned to write with a marketing focus for Fortune 500 live trade shows.  After research, I wrote a story narrative with parody lyrics for corporate clients like Johnson & Johnson, Reynolds Aluminum, Hoyne, Hanes and Keebler.  Every show incorporated humor and audience involvement.  These “stop ’em in the aisles’ shows increased business. 

Companies wanted stories to get noticed.  Stories made them memorable, increasing their sales.

At the same time, I recognized how commercials and lyrics also got quick results.  My “claim to fame” was writing the WGN-TV theme song, “Chicago’s Very Own,” sung by Lou Rawls.  What a thrill!

Life was exciting.  In 1985, I launched my own freelance writing business, Park Avenue Productions.  Through word of mouth, clients asked me for help — from videos and speeches to newsletters, brochures and legacy tributes.

At the end of 2004, my world came to a standstill.  

Three special people suddenly passed away within eight weeks. 

One of them was my beloved mother.  It took time to heal.  I was heartbroken that I didn’t have most of her story on camera.  I had just eight minutes of my parents on video for a client project.   

You can watch it here:

To make sense of it all, I immersed myself in self-development seminars, courses, programs, and books.  I received certifications in Strategic Client Attraction™ and Mindset Mastery.  I became a CEO Space member, a best-selling, award-winning author, a speaker and a media host of “The Difference Makers.”  

Three lessons learned:

1.  Time is short.  Follow your heart, and do what’s important now.

2.  Bring out more positive stories into the world.  We need them!

4.  You can make a BIGGER difference through your stories.  


A Story Tip:  Your Inner Stories Create Your Outer Stories

To be at your best, pay attention to your inner state. 

How you feel on the outside affects the outer stories of our lives.  

Your feelings lead to thoughts … that affect your actions….. which lead to results. 

Take time each day to work on your inner state.  

With a mindset shift, your stories will produce positive outcomes.


Here’s what some of our clients have experienced:

  • Increased funding – A nonprofit story makes the front page of the Sunday Chicago Tribune, which motivates Chicago’s mayor to donate a $100k award to this organization.
  • Increased members — Memberships double through a promotional video.  
  • Increased support — Video interviews attract major attention.


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What I’ve discovered about storytelling is…

It’s an authentic way to…

Clarify your message 

Attract those you want to serve

Inspire, engage and transform lives

So — Make A Difference — Tell Your Story!


Making the most of your story  

We all make a difference. 

You get to choose what kind of difference you want to make.

If you’re ready to uplevel your stories and branding to make a bigger difference, feel free to connect with me and apply for a Difference Makers Strategy Session. 

We will meet privately to discuss your purpose, your goals, and review your story marketing together. 



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