Kathy Dale McNair

Executive Director, Faith, Hope & Good Mental Health

Lynn Sanders is the consummate professional. She is thorough, precise and proactive in making sure her client’s needs are met. She is global in her approach to marketing and promotional opportunities. Her positive attitude and her excellent problem solving skills make working with her a delight.

Sandy Mosetick

Founder and Director, Cue College

Lynn has brought an unparalleled level of optimism, energy, and professionalism to each project with which she has helped us.

Rick Erwin

Rick Erwin, Erwin Media

Lynn is a pro! Her ability to understand her clients creative and business needs makes her an impressive prospect to hire. Always my first choice for concept development, writing, producing and delivering beyond my expectations.

Judy Levey

Judy Levey, Executive Director, JCUA

Lynn is a great interviewer. We enjoyed the opportunity to talk about the important longstanding social justice work of the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs.

Zully Alvarado

President, Causes For Change International, Chicago, IL.

Lynn’s dedication through writing, publicity, and educating others on our behalf led to toy donations and monetary contributions that exceeded our expectations.

Nathan Amaral

Nathan Amaral, Founder, Fearless Life Solutions.

Working with Lynn is a perfect fit for what we stand for at
Fearless Life Solutions. Lynn understands our purpose and brings this to life on her show.

Gail Schechter

Gail Schechter, Former Executive Director, Open Communities.

Lynn does Chicago’s North Shore community and beyond a tremendous public service by promoting the good work that ordinary people and local groups do to improve others’ lives.

Charmaine Hammond

International Speaker & Best Selling Author

Lynn asks questions that are insightful and deepen the conversation to create a positive experience for the show’s viewers.

Anna Giannone

Certified Master Coach Practitioner in Co-Parenting, Certified Facilitator, Educator, Speaker, Best-selling Author.

Lynn’s listening skills, her support, compassion and dedication helps her clients convey their passion to the world. I am so grateful to convey my message clearly. I truly appreciate Lynn’s insights and passion for making a difference.

Helice “Grandma Sparky” Bridges

Lynn Sanders is an unstoppable hero for all of us.  She has an expert ability to understand our brand, capture our stories,  and connect us with all the people we need. I have fallen in love with this woman and so has everyone who works with her.  As a certified Ambassador for Blue Ribbons Worldwide, Lynn has not only attracted hundreds of new fans to support our global mission, she has reminded each how much they make a difference.  I highly recommend Lynn for getting your message so that people will remember you for a lifetime.