A new year lies before us… 2021.   HOORAY!

Are you ready to make this YOUR year to step into your greatness?  How committed are you?  What stories do you tell yourself?

We all live in our story.  That’s just how we’re wired as human beings.  You have a story about your relationships.  You have a story about your abilities.  You even have a story about your potential.  No matter whether your stories are positive or negative, you can change them at any time.

So – let’s start this first day of the new year with positive intentions.  I invite you to move out of your comfort zone.  Let this year be one of expansion and developing our mindset.  Own your greatness.   

This year, I’ll be doing more online video coaching.  More online training.  And more interviews.  You’re also able to access my Difference Makers story packages at:  http://bit.ly/DM-Blueprint and http://bit.ly/StoryInterview

Need ongoing promotion? We’re here to serve you in writing your content, creating innovative media, and offering a new service: Story Legacy videos. From experience, there is nothing more compelling than to capture your business or family history stories, which can also be adapted into books.

In 2001, I’m also giving you regular access to the wisdom from my mentors. Here are tips from today’s training from sales expert, Eric Lofholm.

  1. Plant Your Flag – Be willing to stand up for what you want. 
  2. Show Up Powerfully – Whatever you do – from your emails, to videos, social media,  interviews, webinars – speak up and share your wisdom.
  3. Strive For Greatness – You’ll need to expand your comfort zone.  That means doing new activities that gets your message out in front of others.   TAKE ACTION in the face of your own inner resistance.

As a bonus, I’m including a few of Eric’s free gifts… ENJOY!

1.  Free weekday motivational call, 7:45-8:00 am (PST)  (A terrific way to start your day!)

Looking forward to a wonderful new year!

To Your Success,