Create Compelling Stories That Make The Difference For You….

Lynn Sanders, Story Coach and Consultant


At Difference Makers Media, we believe your authentic story is the most important element of your marketing.

The challenge most cause-focused leaders have is knowing how to communicate their brand clearly and effectively.

Many traditional marketers rely on strategies that sound “salesy” or hypes their message.  They sound like everyone else.

Our clients are encouraged to “pull back the curtain,” and share their own stories honestly. 

That’s why our customized story strategy sessions involve a strong collaborative process with Lynn Sanders, the Story Empowerment Coach. 

Based on her training in Strategic Client Attraction, Lynn has created a Difference Makers Blueprint, to help you tap into your Higher Self, and express your purpose and vision through a compelling marketing approach.


How Is Our Difference Makers Blueprint Unique?

  • We start with your highest priorities.  Why do you do what you do?
  • We ask in-depth questions.  Who do you feel called to serve?
  • Why do you feel qualified to serve them?
  • Gain support to communicate your value authentically
  • Learn how to attract your ideal clients authentically and consistently.

Through our Difference Makers Strategic Story Coaching, You Will….

  • Define Your Ideal Clients With Clarity — So they Recognize Themselves in Your Description
  • Understand Your Highest Purpose (and Those You Serve)
  • Create An Authentic Brand Message & Story
  • Choose an Irresistible Free Offer
  • Be Interviewed Online And Promoted On Social Media

Remember — Your Story Branding Comes First — Before Writing & Interviewing…

Once you’re clear on your values, your purpose, and your ideal audience, it’s time to bring your story to life.

When you’re ready to explore a collaboration with Lynn Sanders and the Difference Makers Media team, feel free to apply for a strategic story session.  Visit:

Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi