Check out these wonderful resources that Lynn recommends.


Blue Ribbons Worldwide –– Honor those in your life who make a difference and promote a cause the prevents bullying, suicide and depression. Uniting humanity through the power of love. Ten free blue ribbons, “Who I Am Makes A Difference.”


Charmaine Hammond, Raise A Dream – Learn how to attract sponsors for your project. Join Charmaine’s half-day workshop in creating a virtual book tour to attract the media, engagement and revenue.

Health and wellness products
1. The Bemer: World-recognized medical device that improves circulation, boosts the immune system and helps the body heal.
2. Bowel Restore/Bowel Maintenance - For more info send an email to
3. Protandim by LifeVantage – Herbal product within the world of Nutrigenomics. Lowers Oxidative Stress. Improves Health. Increase Cellular Health. Increases Anti-Oxidants. Get savings

(*Disclaimer: While Lynn uses and approves of these excellent products personally, she makes no claims or promises.)