Lynn Sanders leans against a large tree as the sun shines down on her smiling face. She is wearing a light jacket on a crisp fall day

Lynn Sanders

Founder, CEO & Life Story Coach

In the Beginning ...

Lynn loved writing ever since she first wielded a pencil, scribbling poems on paper napkins. 

Her first writing award came in 2nd grade with the “Clean Up Chicago” poem at Amelia Earhart Elementary School in Chicago.  How thrilling!   As the years flew by, Lynn served as the News and Feature Editor at her school newspaper.  She got published again in The Illinois English Bulletin and loved seeing her name in print.  What other stories could she uncover?   

The Commercial Music World

After graduating college, Lynn decided to combine her dual interests in writing and music.  Through research, she discovered the perfect niche at TMK-Elias, a Chicago music house.  There, she served as the writer and Director of Client Services.  She honed her professional writing and marketing skills by scripting live trade shows, commercials, and lyrics.  Her claim to fame was writing the WGN-TV station lyrics, “Chicago’s Very Own, Channel 9,” featuring Lou Rawls.  What an experience!

The Fun of Freelance Writing

Almost seven years later, Lynn felt the call to discover more stories through freelance writing.  Under the banner of Park Avenue Productions, Lynn wrote scripts, articles, speeches, newsletters, and marketing collateral for production houses, agencies, and corporations.  On the side, Lynn wrote poems to Leo Buscaglia, created humorous incentive videos for Burger King and Baskin Robbins, and produced legacy videos for executives and companies.  But something more was calling…

Difference Makers Media

Over time, Lynn realized her passion – making a difference for those who share a commitment towards expanding human potential, building positive change, and advocating for social justice.  She is dedicated to bringing out the stories of “difference makers,” those people and organizations whose causes are changing our world.

And so – a new company name was created – Difference Makers Media. 

With the bombardment of negative media, Lynn knows that positive stories are desperately needed to uplift our collective souls.  That’s why Difference Makers Media fills an important role.  To uplift, inspire and empower lives… to motivate audiences to be all they can be… to transform lives through the experience of sharing positive stories. 

To serve more clients, Lynn embarked on a path for her own personal and business development.  Learning from national leaders, Lynn can now tap into her pool of talented connections, so that Difference Makers Media can provide a full-service storytelling resource. 

The Big Picture

Every great story starts from the inside out.  You’ve got to craft it well.

Story Coaching – Lynn’s coaching expertise has developed from her certified training in Strategic Client Attraction™ and Mindset Mastery. She also became a Blue Ribbon™ Ambassador through Blue Ribbons Worldwide and has honored thousands of people, while making Chicago into the world’s 3rd Blue Ribbon City.  If you’re looking to improve teamwork, self-esteem and communication within your business, you can call on Lynn for Blue Ribbon training.

Writing Your Story – Whether it’s an article, press release, video script, speech, newsletter or your next best-selling book, Lynn can guide you into how to write your story well. Or if you’d prefer, she can consult with you and write your story into any format.  (The more heart-centered, the better!)

Telling Your Story – Don’t know what to say on camera? Feeling awkward?  Lynn will coach and guide you to be at your best for your video interview or speech. 

Sharing Your Story – Learn the “do’s and “don’ts” in promoting your story online. Lynn trains people to recognize their value, gain confidence in their storytelling, and attract ideal customers.  Make sure your story reaches your target market so they can discover YOU! 

Making A Difference As An Author

Given her educational background, Lynn especially loves writing true leadership stories for children. 

She is the author of the children’s book, “Social Justice: How You Can Make A Difference,” and the award-winning bestseller, “Dancing With Tex:  The Remarkable Friendship To Save The Whooping Cranes,” based on a true bird friendship story that saved the Whooping Cranes from extinction. 

For adults, Lynn’s personal story is featured in the international bestseller, “The Gift of the Universe:  Women That Lead,” and “Keep Smiling,” Chicago Windy City Edition.  She also self-published and wrote the preface to her friend’s memoir, “Roland’s Story:  Inspired By A Stroke, A Memoir of Hope, Healing and Transformation.”

“Keep your dreams alive,” Lynn says.  “With faith, hope and perseverance, you can make your dreams come true.”


For over 30 years, Lynn has worked with a wide spectrum of clients, bringing clarity to their messages, and increasing their exposure, support and revenue through the power of their compelling stories.  Lynn offers storytelling support through writing, videos, publicity and live programs.  She is also the host of The Difference Makers Show, to shine a light on thought leaders to increase their impact.

Lynn’s creative talent builds impact, influence and revenue for entrepreneurs, business owners and worthy causes. Having trained as a mindset mastery coach and in Strategic Client Attraction™, Lynn brings an awareness that the best stories come from the inside out.