The Difference Makers Blueprint

Every great story needs a foundation.

Just as an architect needs a blueprint, Difference Makers need to strategically craft their story.

We can develop that framework for you. Step-by-step. In content for scripts, articles, newsletters, blogs, emails and marketing material.

Or, we’ll coach you on strategies to effectively deliver your own story through writing, speaking and videos.

In every case, our collaboration ensures that your
Difference Makers Blueprint perfectly fits your vision.
We’re committed to building a framework for your success.

Writing services include:

  • Strategic Writing Plan and Input Sessions
  • Video Scripts
  • Website Video Intro Script
  • Articles & Press Releases
  • Email letters
  • Blogs: Print or Video
  • Marketing Materials
  • Online Social Media Profiles
  • Lyrics: Commercial, parodies
  • Live Tributes: Speeches
  • Online Newsletter
  • Editing

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Social Media Marketing

Our marketing team amplifies your content to your desired market via social media. We’ll serve as your marketing partner, or teach you how to take charge.

Social Media Marketing Services include:

  • Developing your marketing plan
  • Creating effective email marketing
  • Growing your social media following
  • Building your landing page
  • Designing social media banners
  • Attracting more followers online