Dear Friends,

Everything in life depends on perspective.


When we hear around us — from the media, family, friends, even our inner talk, what do we choose to believe?  Who do you listen to?  Our minds, body and spirit are connected.  We get affected by the energy of thoughs, words and actions.

So — who do you listen to?  What words are you choosing?  Can you allows yourself to think differently?:  

From personal experience, I witnessed the power of energy healing after my mom’s passing.  I went from barely being able to walk with terrible back pain to feeling good.  I learned about a little book that can change your life perspective.

Dr. Masuro Emoto, world famous scientist and NY Times bestseller of the book, “The Hidden Messages Within Water” scientifically proved with droplets of water that…


Aerial view showing waves of water.

Energy generated by positive or negative words can actually change the physical structure of an object.  Positive thoughts directed at droplets of water were examined under a special microscope.  The results were beautiful, crystalline shapes.  The droplets that had experienced negative emotion — anger, worry, sadness — came out looking pock-marked and ugly.

This book has the potential to change your view of the world… and everything you say or do.

In the book, Words Can Change Your Brain, the message is:  “A single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress”.

So how conscious are we about the words we say to ourselves?

We can start by simply noticing the words we think… and the words from others.

We GET TO CHOOSE those words.  Let me share a short story about the power of words.

We’re packing right now for a move from one rental home to another, a temporary stay because we don’t know where we want to eventually settle.  I recently heard some negative feedback about our decision to be “undecided” about our future home.

We’re choosing between staying in Illinois or moving somewhere in Califorania.  And we decided to let the Universe show us the right place.  If we don’t find an ideal home in Illinois while we’re here, we’ll try out a new place in California – perhaps Sacramento or San Diego.

A well-meaning friend just questioned me — “Why would you pick California?”

   “It’s not easy to move to another state at your age…” 

  “I couldn’t bear being in your situation…”

My conscious mind chose to shut off those negative thoughts. I found myself replying — “I’m looking at this like an adventure..  Besides, we can always move back if we decide it’s not right.”

Please be aware of the ocean of words around you.

You never know how your POSITIVE words create a wonderful ripple effect. . .  making a different and do good in the world.

A crowd in Equador

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Looking forward to being in touch.