Story Coaching:  Brand yourself to be unforgettable.

Your story is your most valuable asset. To stand above the competition, it’s vital to connect your vision to a powerful branding name and tagline. We’ll help you create a unique story brand that attracts the ideal audience.

Your story’s branding makes you memorable.

Engage, persuade, and lead others.

Discover how to clarify your message into a compelling story. We’ll give you the keys to craft your story strategically so it builds your impact, influence, and revenue.

Create a story that leaves a legacy.

Amplify your voice to transform lives. 

Magnify your story into a compelling spoken or written narrative. Tell your story with confidence through writing and speaking, so it resonates with your audience.  Learn important on-camera techniques to look and sound your best.

Elevate your message to the masses.

Master the art of promoting your story.

Your stories can uplift humanity, drive social change, inspire audiences, and motivate people to take action.  Learn how to properly promote your stories on social media. The results will increase your followers to build your business.

Share your story and watch what happens!


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Executive Power Hour – $197 (US)

See how talking with Lynn can boost your business in one hour.

Discuss what matters most to you.

Gain insights into your branding, storytelling, promoting, marketing, and mindset techniques.

During this power hour, you’ll receive:

√  Clarity on next steps for your business

√  Tips on overcoming obstacles

√  Strategies on any aspect of how to uplevel your business through your story


√  Move ahead with greater confidence.

√  Follow-up email with a recording of our session.

√  Suggested resources and action steps.

Join our private Facebook Difference Makers Group to continue to receive support, connections, and resources.

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Expanded Power Hour – 3 Pack | $497 - 3 hour

Give yourself more time for action, and then follow up for further guidance and strategies to keep your momentum moving.

Receive everything in the Executive Power Hour and get two more hours of strategic story coaching. Accelerate your progress and get deeper insights as we dive into your highest priorities.

Whether you need feedback on your branding, scripting, speaking, marketing or promotion, I am here for you.

♦  Enjoy further connections and networking Resources.

♦  Guest opportunities on speaking platforms.

♦  Marketing support and networking opportunities.

♦  Unlimited email support.

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(payment options available)

Commit to your success with a consistent, dedicated, and in-depth story action plan.

Let Lynn guide and support you and your business.

♦  Through this mentorship program, you’ll get the steps you need to accelerate your progress.

♦  Through our special mentoring program, you’ll receive three to four 60-minute calls per month. That’s a total of 12 hourly sessions – that span a wide spectrum of your needs — to grow your impact, influence, and revenue.

♦  You’ll also receive mindset mastery techniques to build your inner story, just as you work on your outer story.

♦  You’ll expand your network and resources to build a stronger business. We can connect you with business leaders, influencers, authors, speakers, and our recommended contractors of tech experts, publishers, video editors, and more.

♦  You’ll get ongoing support between our calls for any aspect of bringing your stories to life – from branding to writing, speaking, promoting, marketing, sponsorships, and promoting. This also includes reviewing your projects and providing helpful feedback.

♦  Access effective sample copy and story templates to use for your own story crafting and branding needs.

♦  Collaborate through Google Drive where we can upload documents for your review, and we can review your updates and track your progress.



Difference Makers Group Coaching Circle

Story Strategy Consulting

♦  Connect – Meet up with leaders who share your passion to build a better world.

♦  Collaborate – Learn more about growing your business or organization with like-minded people.

♦  Create – Focus your time, attention, and effort on creative solutions to building your impact.

Connect with like-minded Difference Makers. Learn from and interact with a business leader each month.



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Narrative Leadership:  Inspiring Action Through Your Story.

Done With You – or Done For You

We collaborate with you from our heart to yours.  Your words need to express your inner self or the soul of your business.  It needs to feel authentic, not just the creation of an artificial intelligence machine.  We’re here to help you do just that.

Together, you’ll define what makes you unique.  What was your defining moment?  What happened next?  What was the turning point?  What was the outcome?  We’ll collaborate at every step to communicate your message in a style that feels right for you. 

Every great story needs a foundation. The Difference Makers Blueprint. 

1. Story Discovery: Uncover the reason behind the inner passion behind your business and what drives you forward.  Organize the framework around it. 

2. Map The Journey: We analyze your content, provide feedback and offer suggestions to create a compelling structure.

3. Check & Revise: Make sure your story captures the necessary qualities to make you and your business unforgettable. 

4. Take Off! Send off your story – whether it’s on video, audio or print.  We’ll help you target the ideal audience and develop a follow-up process

5. Keep Going — Be Consistent — Create multiple stories and use them throughout your business.  You never know what ripple effect will happen after your story gets known…


Need your writing done for you?

Choose from a wide spectrum of writing services.

What makes the difference?  Lynn takes the time to get to know you, so your voice resonates through the written word.  

♦  Video Scripts    ♦  Articles & Press Releases    ♦  Email letters    ♦  Blogs    ♦  Podcasts

♦  Marketing Materials    ♦  Social Media Profiles    ♦  Commercials    ♦  Parody Lyrics 

♦  Live events    ♦  Speeches    ♦  Online Newsletter    ♦  Editing    ♦  Social Media Posts

♦  Children’s Books    ♦  Poetic Tributes    ♦   Crowdfunding Sites    ♦  Branding 


Video card for an interview Lynn did with Charmaine Hammond.

Video stories are the best way to get people to know, like and trust you.

Now, more than ever, it has become easier to create your own videos or develop affordable videos that bring your stories to life.  Our expert team ensures your video captures your message authentically, and delivers the impact you need.

Latest Trends Reveal:  91% of Marketers are Using Video… Are you?

Why do some of us hesitate to use video online?  One of the biggest obstacles is that many people feel uncomfortable on camera.  You may worry about how you look, what you say, and or the effect of the finished video. 

That’s why we’re here.  Depending on your needs, we can team up with professional videographers, editors and graphic artists to make your video as engaging as possible.

We’ll oversee the production – start to finish.  To help you overcome the obstacles. 

You can become a respected celebrity in your own niche. 

It just takes the willingness to be bold.  Step out of your comfort zone.  And be willing to share your message to the public.  The time to start is now.

Videos Make You Stand Out In So Many Ways…

* Website Intros * Promotional Video * Training Videos * Fundraising Videos

·         Testimonial Videos * Legacy Videos * Tribute Videos * Marketing Videos *

·         * Landing Page Videos * Social Media Videos * Video News Release

·         * Video Interviews


Media Services

Amplify your reach and influence.

Our tailored promotion strategies leverage social media with videos and images to showcase your story to the right audience.