The Joy Of Simply BEING!

Over fifteen years ago, my mom casually said, “You don’t have to be doing all the time.  How are you ‘being?’

Her words stopped me in my tracks.  My mom’s innate wisdom often got me pondering over what was really important.  I tend to measure myself by my actions, as most of us do. 

But what’s really important?  Yes – how are we being on the inside?

We get to choose that inner state, so I’m asking you right now to consider taking a few minutes to pause.  Think of how your thoughts affect you.  Thoughts turn into feelings, which then become our words and actions.

At this time of our country’s upheaval, I see a great deal of angry and hurt messages.

Many of us act without thinking.  And some of us think a great deal on the inside without acting.

Where’s that gentle balance?  How do we turn to the abundant love and peace that’s inside each of us?

I ask you to consider taking a few minutes today, perhaps everyday, to hit the “pause” button and take a few deep breaths.  Breathing deeply actually resets the chemistry in our brain.

Here’s the scientific reason behind deep breathing:

When you become stressed or anxious, your brain releases cortisol, the “stress hormone.” By taking deep breathsyour heart rate slows, more oxygen enters our blood stream and ultimately communicates with the brain to relax. Deep breathing also ups your endorphins, the “feel good” chemical.

So, let’s do this together – both for your own well-BEING and for the well-BEING of our planet. Breathe deeply, hold it for a count of three, and then exhale.  Feel your shoulders relax as your mind settles into a peaceful state.  Let’s do it at least two more times. 

Now – how are you being?  Our breath is the one thing we have from the moment of birth, and the last thing to leave us.

As we choose the story of our life, let’s make our stories good ones.