Lynn Sanders, Story Empowerment Coach, leaning up against a tree, loving nature.

Lynn Sanders

Founder, CEO & Life Story Coach

Lynn has a passion for helping business leaders and organizations succeed through uncovering their compelling stories.  Her goal is to help you build your impact and create a lasting legacy through the power of your stories.  


From her early professional writing experiences, Lynn enjoyed creating stories for Fortune 500 trade shows, commercial lyrics, promotional videos, and legacy films.  She discovered the power of stories in making a difference — to inspire, engage, and transform lives. 

One of Lynn’s talents is being able to draw out the inner spirit of each person.  Her joy is helping people craft, tell, and share their stories so it makes a bigger difference for them. 

Whether it’s to raise more awareness, attract more funding, educate audiences, or serve as a legacy for the next generation, Lynn has witnessed how stories are the key to results.  Her greatest joy is serving others in bringing their unique stories out into the world.

Lynn’s background includes a degree in Music Education, as well as being an award-winning writer and author of the children’s book, “Social Justice:  How You Can Make A Difference,” (published by Capstone Press) and “Dancing With Tex:  The Remarkable Friendship To Save The Whooping Cranes (published by Difference Makers Media).  Lynn’s story is also featured in the international best-selling anthology, “Gift of the Universe:  Woman That Lead,” and in the preface for, “Roland’s Story: Inspired By A Stroke,” written by Roland Takaoka. 

Lynn and her colleagues also created the nationally award-winning patient safety film, “Things You Should Know Before Entering The Hospital.”   

As a story writing, marketing, and promotional consultant, Lynn’s clients have appeared on TV, radio, and print media.  She is also a speaker and media host of “The Difference Makers,” an online video show.  

When Lynn is not creating stories that get results for her clients, she loves writing poetry, attending theater and concerts, and walking in the woods.