Do our stories define us or do WE define our stories?

Each day, we’re given a gift — “the present.” So, how do we choose to use those 24 hours? Most of the time, we’re making judgements, aren’t we? Each day, our inner voice is talking to us, a mile a minute, saying positive or negative words that actually subconsciously affect our body.

“That was great!”

“I’m BAD!”

“Why did I DO that?”

“I’m so proud of myself!”

How does that inner voice make you feel? 

Your thoughts become feelings, which then affect your actions. I ask you to contemplate your feelings. They are your guide to your inner state. While challenges happen to all of us — WE get to decide our attitude.

How are you affected by the opinions of others? Does someone else’s comments make your day or depress you? There’s a saying, “Your attitude affects your altitude.” It’s so true. You can go farther in life if your attitude is positive. So what do YOU choose to believe about yourself?

Ultimately, the most important story is what YOU say about YOU! 

That inner storyteller dialogue is more powerful than you realize. However, once you’re conscious of that inner voice, you can monitor what it says. I’d like to offer some tips in helping you create the inner stories that can change your life.  (Everything starts from the inside out!)

No matter what happens — You can change your story!    

Imagine your brain is like a giant computer. You’re about to reprogram your brain for success.

First step: Be aware of what you tell yourself.

Second step: Decide what you want to believe about yourself.

Third step: Tell yourself great things about YOU! (You can write down positive affirmations, speak the words aloud, and read something positive every day!)

Here are more actions you can take…


1.   Check out NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), which involves repeating positive affirmations and tapping specific energy points around your head, face, neck and wrist. (One of my favorite online NLP practitioners is Brad Yates. You can check out his YouTube video for free that has over 559,000 hits on how to get rid of worry and fear!)

2.     Create a dream board with pictures and statements of your dreams. Study this board every day, and envision your dreams coming true.

3.     Practice meditation and writing gratitude statements in a journal.

4.   Learn about Strategic Attraction and how you can attract what you want into your life energetically! (Contact Lynn at:

The key is – FOCUS on what you want… and speak it into the present.  Avoid the negatives…

RIGHT WAY: “I am a best-selling author.”

WRONG WAY: “I will be a best-selling author.” (In the future)

RIGHT WAY“I’m having a very productive day today.”

WRONG WAY: “I want to be productive today.”

5. Share your story and engage with potential followers by getting interviewed on a live streaming video program!

(Yes, I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone.  Once you do it once, it gets easier. You have greatness within you… great stories to share… and now they need to be heard!)

What’s live streaming? It’s a LIVE, interactive interview, done from the comfort of your own computer. It’s fun, easy, and inexpensive. Best of all, you can IMMEDIATELY engage live with an audience from anywhere in the WORLD!

Here’s my brand new interview as a guest on my friend Roland’s show, “The Saturday Morning Marketing Smarties.” You can watch, listen to my stories, and see how viewers from around the world commented back.

The world needs to hear YOUR stories of inspiration.  

Believe in yourself and share them! 

You never know whose life you will touch…

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P.S. I’m sharing a special photo from my past… one of our healthcare visits to Ecuador, where I entertained the children in 90+ heat, while they waited for their first-ever dental exam. What an exhilarating experience to be around so many loving people!