Get Well, Roland Takaoka!

IMPORTANT!  Please send positive, healing energy to help Roland Takaoka!

I’m asking for your help in this spontaneous Hangout On Air program. Please join LowellAnn Fulsang, Aaron and myself, Lynn Sanders, for a group GET WELL ROLAND video program.

Last Sunday, Roland had a stroke and is now in critical condition at a California hospital.  He has a breathing tube, and is not able to speak.  Some of you may not realize that Roland suffered from three strokes in the past.  When he works on-camera, you don’t know that he works from his wheelchair.  Only half of his body can move freely.  He is an amazing, smart, kind, compassionate giver, and would do anything he can to make this world a better place.

Now, I want us all to help Roland pull through this new challenge.  Roland is the most positive, upbeat person you’d ever want to meet.  He has been my dear friend, and an incredible friend to so many over the years.  Now, I’m asking you to come to this program, and consider saying a “get well” wish on camera, or leaving a comment in our comment stream.  I will pass along this program to his wife, Barbara Peters.

If you send us your name and email, we’ll send you the link to get inside the program!  If you can’t make it, please leave a written message for Roland.

Please keep Roland in your hearts and prayers.

Thank you!