Amy Collins: How To Sell Your Book To Libraries!


Meet Amy Collins, Founder of New Shelves Books, and a talented expert at getting your book into libraries across the United States, Canada and beyond..

Amy helps thousands of people get their books sold and distributed, and she can do the same for you.  Her company is one of the fastest-growing book distribution, sales and marketing companies in North America, and  I’m honored to have her share her wisdom on “The Difference Makers” program.

Have you written a book that needs major exposure? Do you know that more people find books in libraries over bookstores?  Want to get your book distributed in libraries across the U.S, Canada and Australia?  And — what do you need to know before even approaching a librarian?

I personally learned from Amy (  through her online program, “Real Fast Library Marketing.”  Her content to be TERRIFIC!  I learned how to get my own children’s book into numerous libraries across the country, and from her guidance, I’ve created materials that librarians want to see.

Our interview will cover:

Who picks the books?  What type of books are most appealing?  How do you approach  librarians properly?  What do librarians need to know before deciding to carry your book? 

Best of all, YOU get to ask Amy questions directly through our comment stream during the program, or you can watch the replay at your convenience.

Join us for a lively interview on Thursday, June 14th, from 11-11:30 am (CST), 12:00 – 12:30 pm (EST), 9-9:30 am (PST). Everyone who attends receives Amy’s free gift at the end, and a special limited-time offer on one of her programs.

Amy’s Bio:

Amy has been a book buyer for a chain of bookstores, as well as a
Sales Director for a books and magazine publisher:  Over the years, she has sold
to numerous chains like Barnes & Nobles, Costco, Target, Books A Million, Airport stores, WalMart and other chains. She also helped launch several hugely successful private publishing programs for Borders, CVS and PetSmart.  In 2006, she started New Shelves Books, and her company is making a significant difference for many thousands of people. Get ready to see your success grow with Amy’s insights!

See you soon,
Lynn Sanders
Your host, “The Difference Makers”

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