Meet Eric Lofholm: Building Your Sales Success

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Meet International Sales Trainer Eric Lofholm, of Eric Lofholm International, Inc.  Eric has taught his proven sales system to thousands of professionals around the world over the past nineteen years.  He can help you too! 

In this interview, we’ll discover Eric’s personal story to success.  He’ll also provide insider tips to accelerate your sales and closing, so you’ll generate a higher income.

Eric will share:
* How do you deal with sales resistance?
* How can others improve their presentation?
* How do you effortlessly close from a place of compassion?
* How can you use social media to make more sales?

As Eric says, “You have greatness inside of you. I believe in you!”  We do too…. so don’t miss this special time with Eric.  You’ll be able to ask questions or make comments LIVE BEFORE OR during the program.

BONUS: Eric will also offer a free gift to all attendees.

BIO:: Eric Lofholm is President & CEO of Eric Lofholm International, Inc., an organization that professionally trains people on the art and science of selling.  He knows how to motivate individuals and generously shares master skills in sales with others, that allow for immediate implementation. He improves sales processes, to directly benefit the salesperson with increased closing rates and leads to higher income.  Eric believes that selling equals service. He has delivered over 1500 public and private presentations; is the author of 15 books and is best known as a sales trainer and sales coach.  See: and