The Power Of Cued Speech

Stories From A Mom & Her Deaf Daughter

Meet Sandy and Rachel, a mom and grown daughter, who through the power of Cued Speech, have overcome the monumental challenges in communication and education that deaf children and their families traditionally face.

In this program, Sandy and Rachel will share their personal stories. We’ll learn how Cued Speech works, its benefits, and how it transformed their lives.

Sandy Mosetick served on the board of the National Cued Speech Association for six years and on the board of A.G. Bell Montessori School for over 25 years.  She volunteers extensively at the school, manages the Cue College website project, and is a certified Cued Speech instructor.

Sandy’s daughter, Rachel McAnallen is a deaf mother of two hearing children, who was born with a severe to profound bi-lateral hearing loss, and is now a licensed professional engineer, who develops national environmental policy for the Department of Defense.


Rachel has a unique perspective as someone who is comfortable in using all of the modes of communication available to her in any given situation, including cued, signed, and oral communication.  She uses one hearing aid and one cochlear implant.  She also takes advantage of the many technologies now available to provide better communication access for the deaf.

We’re fortunate to have Cued Speech transliterator, Lisa Gavin, founder of Cue For You, the first remote Cued Speech transliterating service for the deaf or hard of hearing.  Lisa is a nationally certified CLT, from Jacksonville, FL., who will be transliterating every sound during our program for Rachel and for listeners with hearing loss who know Cued Speech.

Josh Garrett of ACS (Alternatives in Communication Services) provides ASL interpretation for our listeners who prefer that mode of communication.

Note: Cued Speech is a visual mode of communication that in English uses 8 hand shapes to represent consonant sounds and 4 positions around the mouth to represent vowel sounds. The 40 sounds or phonemes of English are cued in synchronization with the natural mouth movements of speech, with or without voice.  Those who use Cued Speech have clear access to the same vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure as their hearing peers. As a result, people using Cued Speech can learn any spoken language, and typically achieve the same literacy and academic outcomes as their hearing peers. 

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