What Non-Profit Leaders Need To Know To Be Successful

What’s vital for every nonprofit leader to know to be successful?

How can nonprofit leaders tell their story to attract more donations?

What messages catch the attention of stakeholders and donors?

To answer your questions and deliver value, meet Hugh Ballou and Russell Dennis.

You’ll hear their stories, and learn the inside scoop on how to be most effective.

Hugh Ballou is a Transformational Leadership Strategist and the President of SynerVision International, Inc. After forty years of musical conducting experience, he now works as executive coach, process facilitator, trainer, and motivational speaker teaching leaders in many diverse fields the fine-tuned skills employed every day by orchestral conductors. Hugh is the author of eight books on Transformational Leadership and a recognized expert in working with leaders in churches, religious organizations, and business and non-profit communities.

Russell Dennis is the “Possibility Engineer” of RD Dennis Enterprises, helps nonprofits raise more money and attract more support. As an 11-year US Air Force Veteran with 11 Years of Community and Economic Development experience, Russell also spent five years as an IRS Auditor. His super power is simplifying the complex, and his consulting role offers time management strategies for nonprofit organizations. He is a certified “Wayfinder” for the Synervision Leadership Foundation.

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