Have you ever watched a video story that captured your heart?

A cup of coffee sits on a note that is on a desktop with a pen nearby. The message on the note says, "Create your own success story."

I recently did and had to share it with you. You’ll find out why in a moment. 

As I watched, I could hear thoughts rising in my mind…

      See how important words are?

      Be conscious of your words.

      Choose your words carefully.

I happened upon this video while scrolling randomly through YouTube. I like to check out YouTube for fun, and I learned that millions of people do the same thing.

This is the inspiring, true story about Thomas Edison’s mother, and how her words changed her son’s life. This video demonstrates the power of words in an unforgettable way.

Since most people prefer watching videos over reading, I wanted to give you the link to watch for yourself. It’s just three minutes!

The video is titled, “The Mother Makes The Genius.”

Please watch till the end. (You’ll want to see this story!)

What do you think? Isn’t that an incredible story?

We all can benefit from using videos in our marketing regularly. Did you know that YouTube has 122 MILLION active users? That translates into 1 BILLION hours of content consumed by people worldwide every day.

Yet only 9% of small business owners take advantage of the power of video.

So here’s the lesson: Consider using videos to share YOUR stories.

If you need help, feel free to schedule a chat with me. You’ll never know how many people need to hear YOUR story too!