Varied colored stacked stones rise from calm water, with a water lilly floating beside the stack.

People remember how you made them feel.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I invite you to be aware of putting the spiritual quality of love into your everyday interactions.

Go above and beyond the expected.

Give without any expectation of receiving.

Make a call to check in on someone.

That’s the kind of love that’s appreciated by anyone.

Over the past eight weeks, I’ve dealt with a second back surgery, recuperation, and a move to a new home.  It gave me plenty of time to reflect.

I realize we all face challenges.  So – how do we pull ourselves up?

To find light at the end of the tunnel, I’d like to offer five tips.

1.  Dedicate quiet time each morning on your own personal and spiritual development.  Take time to meditate, do affirmations, visualizations and more.  I’ve found great value from this site:

2.  Go above and beyond for your prospects and clients.  
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3. Honor friends, family and colleagues with a simple “Who I Am Makes A Difference” Blue Ribbon. Get ten free ribbons at  It takes just a minute to recognize someone’s value.  This ribbon does so much good — and has even saved lives.

4.  Connect people together who can be a good match for each other. 

5.  Share an interesting article or book that you believe others will appreciate.    I just finished Steve Farber’s book, “Love Is Just Damn Good Business.  Do what you love for those who love what you do!”   Check it out!

Thank YOU for being a part of the Difference Makers community.

You never know what a difference you can make to someone’s life!