I’m staying up too late…. just needed to talk with you.

When you receive this message, I’ll be in the hospital — having back surgery.

It’s a strange feeling to know that I’ll be having a major procedure for 3.5 hours, and will need to recuperate for a while before I can resume regular activities.

How long will I need?  Who knows?

I just know this is a time to have faith.  To trust.  And to bring all the positive energy from my loved ones on this side and on the Other Side to keep me company.

I’m focusing on having a positive outcome.  Do you ever face a situation where you need to trust and let go?  Whatever will be will be…

Life is simply a giant lesson.  I’m learning all the time.  And I really appreciate your kind messages, email posts and private prayers.

Before I take off, I wanted to send a special message out to you. See:  https://bit.ly/DM-HonoringYou Wishing you all the best always,