“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” — Wilma Rudolph

Imagine you’re not who you think you are.

What if you’re actually much greater than you’ve imagined?  You’re a witty conversationalist, an insightful, award-winning writer, an incredibly talented (Fill in the blank)…. But you never even realized it before!

Why can’t you be that person you’d like to be?

I urge you to believe in yourself.  The older I get, the more I realize how many of us play small in life. We allow ourselves to live inside compartments of what we can or can’t do.  But we can always do much more!

Let me give you a simple example. I’ve recently made a wonderful friend at GoRead: Renee Mollan-Masters. Renee is the author of the soon-to-be-published best-seller, “The Friendship Pod Affair,” and plans are already in process for an online movie. Thanks to our soul connection, a friendship sparked immediately.

During a conversation, Renee asked me a simple question that surprised me.

“Would you like to write a friendship song for my movie?”

Could I? Dare I? Would I be good enough? (Ooooh – that flurry of self-doubt came bubbling up!)

Given that I’ve been playing piano as long as I could write words, and teach a revolutionary method, Simply Music Piano, which includes improvising and composing, I’m getting accustomed to stretching my composing muscles lately. So I found myself answering Renee…

“Sure, I’d love to!”

Since I’m paid for bringing stories to life through writing, video and interviews, and have never been paid for composing, I offered to create a song without charge. I figured if Renee likes it and uses the song, we’ll work out a compensation. That reduces my anxiety about being “good enough” and actually allows me to be more creative.

As I began composing “Being Friends” on the piano, my mind started opening to even more possibilities. By saying “yes” to Renee, I got inspired to write a second song for my upcoming children’s book presentation at our local bookstore.

My second song, Keep Your Dreams Alive!” is the essence behind my true children’s story, “Dancing With Tex,” The message behind my book is — we ALL must have faith, belief and perseverance to keep our dreams alive! 

For whatever reason, my mind quickly came up with music and lyrics. They just flowed right through me! It was as if I was taking dictation from above. I believe we all can tap into the creative energy field when we believe in ourselves.

Think about it.  Must we play small in life? 

Do we have to live within our limited thinking? Can we move beyond our inner broken record of, “I can’t do this…. I’m not good at …. I don’t have any talent for…”

WHY must we live with low self-esteem? Let’s start repeating positive affirmations…. 

Here are a few examples:

  • “I’m an international best-selling author, selling over 2 millions books every year.
  • “I’m earning _______/every month;” 
  • “I’m helping my clients attract $100,000 in funding support.”

I dare you. What if – you give yourself permission to step outside your “box?” Take action on your dreams. Fail forward. Don’t let it stop you. Keep taking action. Eventually, you WILL get to your destination. 

It’s simply a matter of having faith, belief and perseverance.  


P.S. I decided to be VERY daring! I just recorded my song on guitar, “Keep Your Dreams Alive.” This is a first for me — recording my own song, and I did itt for you! Although I’m not a professional singer, I thought this might be a fun way for me to step outside my comfort zone. If you click on the link — “Keep Your Dreams Alive” in my article, you can hear the song yourself!  Enjoy!