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Video is a powerful tool to grow your business.  

One of the biggest obstacles in using video is simply that people aren’t comfortable on camera.  They can get worried about what to say.  How they look.  And how the video will turn out.

That’s why we’re here. 

To help you overcome the obstacles. 

Provide online training. 

And make your video become your best friend.

Let us walk you through the process. 

Learn how to become a respected celebrity in your niche.   

As our “thank you,” here’s a free gift to get started…

We’ll even take you a step further…

Gain The Advantage of Your Own Video Series 

No need to sit on the sidelines any longer… 

Now, you’ve got guidance in this 12-week program. 

Get exactly what you need to uplevel your business.

Record a new video interview each month.  ‘

We’ll edit your video into sections, so you’ll have multiple programs in the month.

  • Training in crafting a compelling story.
  • Helping you script a video “trailer” to promote your video.
  • Learn the words to avoid and those that attract interest.
  • Video coaching before your interview
  • Monthly interview that’s edited for you!
  • Custom thumbnail interview covers
  • Closing “call to action” endscreen.

Website Intro Or Landing Page Videos

Here’s an ideal way to increase traffic to your website…

Share Your Story Web Intro.

  • One hour – Strategic marketing session
  • Scripting a short 1-2 minute intro
  • On-camera rehearsal (30-60 minutes, if needed)
  • Recording your introduction
  • Editing your intro with animated graphics and title
  • Royalty-free library music