Dear Friends,

If you were a series of letters, with a clever mind of your own

You might consider hiding from a friend, who tended to be mishap prone.

“It was just a week ago,” Lynn moaned, ”I held Leo’s letters in my hand.”

But she put them down absent-mindedly, and they sailed off to a distant land.


Lynn never bothered to tell you the facts, but as her conscience, I’ll confess,

When she first looked for Leo’s letters, her search unearthed quite a mess!

She opened a closet of twenty scrapbooks, and boxes from ceiling to floor,

It took about an hour of digging, till she found what she was hunting for.


She held those letters close to her heart, and gratefully wrote with glee,

“What a precious gift from Leo Buscaglia! These letters must stay close to me!”

Lynn’s article flowed as smooth as wine, until the hour got late.

“I’ll write my second part next week,” she said. “I’m sure this writing can wait.”


With a resolute mind and good intentions, Lynn carefully put the letters away,

But with an impish smile, the letters said, “Let’s indulge in mischief today!”

They hid so well that Lynn sends regrets… because the piece she meant to write

Will now have to wait for another week, until Leo’s letters return to her sight.


It’s really quite embarrassing, but there’s nothing more she can do,

I hope you’ll give her encouragment. She meant to write her best for you!


Lynn’s Conscience

(P.S. Here’s a photo of Lynn at a happier, more relaxed time… She hopes to recapture that feeling soon.)

P.S. Does any other writer have to deal with this type of situation? If so, how do you handle it? I’d be very happy to get your advice. Thank you!