“When you write and publish a book, your life is changed forever!” Nicholas Boothman

Welcome To An Amazing Vortex Of Creativity…

Take a good look around the land of GoRead. The more I explore, the more excited I get. You’re entering the world’s fastest-growing community of readers, writers and authors. It’s filled with hidden treasures. Do you realize what gold you have at your fingertips?

The “gold” is the special people in this community. You’re mingling with a coterie of talented visionaries from around the world. You share a common passion for creativity. You can discover new friends who empower you to discover your inner greatness. We have great opportunities!

This is not a paid GoRead commercial. I’m writing from my heart, after a fascinating conversation with  GoRead author, Nicholas Boothman. He is one of the many inspiring authors at GoRead. If you don’t know him yet, you should. Study his videos, books, articles and training. It will be worth your time. Here’s why…

Meet Nicholas Boothman: A Modern Literary Wizard!

“Boothman is Dale Carnegie for a rushed era.” The New York Times

Although I’m not his publicity agent, Nicholas has an impressive list of credentials.  International speaker. Author of FIVE best-selling books. Successful book marketer — selling more TWO MILLION books in over THIRTY languages! Besides that, Nicholas is also the creator of a best-selling online training program, “How To Connect In Business In 90 Seconds Or Less.”

Although I haven’t mastered the Boothman technique of being successful in “90 seconds or less” or writing in “10-minute bursts of madness,” I’ll do my best to share his wisdom.

(Note: It’s always good to check with people before writing about them extensively. I did check with Nicholas, so I have permission to share these tips.)

How To Be A Best-selling Author… 

1.     Become An Expert On Your Topic – To attain the “expert” status, read everything you can about your topic.  Study your competition. Give your story a unique angle.

2.     Keep Writing! – Be passionate about your topic. Set aside time to write regularly. And don’t worry if it’s good enough. Put your pen on the paper and KEEP writing! Too many people spend years polishing a manuscript, without completing their story. Nicholas has a new online program of writing in 10-minute “bursts of madness” to let your creativity flow.  (That’s his unique angle!)

3.     Move Your Ego Aside – Let a professional critique your writing. Check for typos and grammatical mistakes. Edit your story to ensure that every word matters. Does your story have a strong plot? Does it flow naturally? Do you care about the characters?

4.   Show The Benefit In Your Title! This is pure GOLD!  It’s the key to bestselling wisdom. Nicholas shared how he got an advance on a book that he hadn’t written yet — BASED ON HIS TITLE ALONE! To sell millions of copies, your book must demonstrate a powerful BENEFIT TO YOUR AUDIENCE in the headline.  This is critical to your success.

5.    Never Ever EVER Give Up!  You’ve got to persevere to reach your goal. There is no such thing as failure unless you stop trying. My true children’s story, “Dancing With Tex: The Remarkable Friendship To Save The Whooping Cranes” took a LONG time to publish… about 20 years! Many challenges happened. I almost gave up. Finally, I just made a decision to go for it. And the book got done.  The important “take-away” is:  keep your dreams alive.

It’s Your Turn To Discover Gold. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  

  • Take a little time to connect, share and support others at GoRead.
  • Find those who share common interests.
  • Explore the author bios, peruse and share articles.
  • Watch engaging videos and offer a comment.
  • Make a new friend with someone whose writing appeals to you. (“Hello, to my special friend and soon-to-be-bestselling author, Renee Mollan-Masters!”)


Once you start, you’ll reap the hidden treasures of friendship, wisdom and fun in this literary community. You never know what’s waiting for you…

As Ken Dunn, Founder of GoRead and best-selling author of “The Greatest Prospector In The World” says, “It’s all in your hands!”