We ALL have one thing in common.


We’re each given 24 hours in a day. Part of that time is spent sleeping, eating and going to the bathroom. So how much time do we actually have left? Let’s take a minute to contemplate how we manage our time.  

Will We Ever Have Enough Time?

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.” – Jim Rohn
If you’re like me, you have many “to-do’s” on your list.  As you establish your priorities, I encourage you to write down everything that needs to get done on a list. Tackle the essential things first. When challenges are done, your day flows more smoothly. Perhaps some projects can wait till tomorrow.

As you move forward, you get to choose your attitude. When faced with a difficult task, imagine you’re helping a child-like version of yourself. Be kind to that inner child. No negative self-talk.  Stay positive and affirming. You’re actually programming your brain for success.

Most importantly, balance your life with personal time every day. I often find myself immersed in “doing.” Whenever my husband and I take a weekend vacation, my suitcase inevitably holds two books and a computer. It takes a conscious effort to unplug from the world. When I do, I feel amazingly happy.

Many years ago, during a phone conversation, my mother made a profound comment that has always stayed with me. “Instead of doing all the time, can you enjoy just being?” 

Wow…That stopped me in my tracks. Imagine being happy without doing anything! Just relishing in the feeling of “The Joy Of Being.” My mom’s words awakened me to appreciate the here and now. For those who also are caught up in a “doing” mode, I recommend exploring the joy of being for even a 15-minute segment. Here are five fun “being” tips…

1.    Walk outside without your cell phone. Remember life without a cell phone? It’s so delightfully quiet. Recently, my son Andrew and I have been walking our poodle together in the early evening. It’s so special! We’re smiling, laughing, smelling magnolia flowers on a neighbor’s lawn. Calmness surrounds us in the soft spring air. We notice everyday wonders: the miracle of the full moon, a bird in flight, a favorite climbing tree. It’s the best part of our day!

2.    Meditate in a quiet corner. Meditating feels like you’ve given your mind a bath! You can use a mantra like “OM” or any sound that provides peace. Take a slow breath in, repeating your word on the “in” breath.  Then exhale, repeating your word on the “out” breath. If thoughts come up, gently turn your attention back to the mantra. You’re bound to feel refreshed!

3.    Write for yourself regularly. Elizabeth Gilbert offers an insider’s perspective on the journey of writing in her book, “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.” Gilbert shares her personal ups and downs, offers ideas to push past roadblocks, and advises writers to keep going, despite the rejections. It’s all about accepting yourself.

4.    Indulge in playing a game – just for fun! Forget competition and make time to play a board game with a loved one. Toss a ball outside with a child. Shoot hoops. That kid inside of you is still alive and wants to have fun!

5.    Call or write to family and friends. Time is more precious than money. We only have so much time. When you reach out personally to a loved one, you’re building a special bond that can last a lifetime.