“We make a living by what we get,

and we make a life by what we give.”  

Winston Churchill

An abstract and artistic photograph of a clear ball sitting on a slotted foudation, the foundation is reflected upside down within the glass bubble.

Let’s pause for a minute and contemplate your impact.

As a busy leader, what are you doing that goes above and beyond?


To get remembered, I recommend you do more than others. Do the unexpected.  Give without expectation of receiving.  Get your stories out into social media so people will find out about you!

Last Sunday, I had an exciting experience volunteering with my Congregation Hakafa and another temple in packing backpacks for foster kids through a nonprofit, Comfort Cases.

Rob Scheer, the Founder of this organization spent most of his life in foster care, and shared his riveting story to a packed room of about 80 people.  You can find his TedX talk on YouTube.

He really knows how to tell his story well!  My eyes filled up with tears listening to his struggles.

I never realized the many challenges faced by foster kids, who get transported from home to home – often every year — and are given garbage bags to toss their stuff into.  It makes them feel like garbage!

Instead, Rob and his partner, not only adopted five foster kids, but their nonprofit, Comfort Cases, gives youth of all ages — a backpack filled with things they need.  A new set of pajamas (labeled for girls/boys), a new blanket, a book, toiletries with their own toothbrush (!), a stuffed animal and a card that the packing volunteer signs — to let a kid know that someone cares.

Rob Scheer and Lynn Sanders pose for a photograph, both smiling.

The photo is of myself with Rob Scheer, who I honored with the “Who I Am Makes A Difference” blue ribbon.

Stumped for ideas to go above and beyond?  Here are a few tips you can do immediately.

Reach out to past clients and schedule a complimentary brainstorming session.

* Offer to connect two like-minded people together.

* Ask for feedback on your work, and encourage clients to rate you on a 1-10. For a number that’s less than 10, ask how you can get to a higher number.

* Send out a custom card to people – letting them know how much you care.  (I love this: https://mailboxpower.com/lynnsanders)

* Provide a free webinar offering prospects valuable tips to solve their challenges… and then give them your contact information to learn more.

Here’s to your success,



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