I’m returning to earth.

After mourning my father’s passing, I feel like I’ve been poised between worlds.

I stepped away from the everyday.  No work.  No social media.

Instead, I observed the Jewish tradition of “shiva,” gathering together online with my Congregation Hakafa, relatives and friends to say prayers and feel loving support.

I just happened upon a talk from Will Smith who said, “To love and be loved is really all there is, and everything else needs to be set up to support that.”

Isn’t that the truth?  Lyrics came to mind…

“All you need is love…”

     “Love makes the world go round…”

                  What the world needs now – is love, sweet love…”

Love applies to business too.  We’re here to build relationships.  Trusting, caring relationships are built on love.

Here’s my advice:  Whatever you do, I invite you to simply “be love.”

It’s within you. Let it shine. Our world needs your ripple of love… now more than ever.

Most of all, be kind and loving to yourself! 

As my Difference Makers Media “family,” I wanted to share a past moment with my biological family. So I’ve attached a snapshot from another time…a reminder to treasure each moment.

All we have is this time.  That’s why it’s called, “the present.”

Let’s treasure it — and each other.

With virtual hugs,