Dear Friend:

If you’re drawn to this topic and reading my words, there may be a higher reason for us to meet across this page. Perhaps, just perhaps, we belong to the same soul family. Maybe you and I are soulmates… even from a distance… and even if we barely know each other right now. 

I can just see you. Your eyebrows are raising. You may be thinking – “What is she talking about?” You may even decide to stop reading.

Or, you might be nodding your head, “yes.” You heard me right. A soulmate doesn’t have to be a romantic companion. It’s not necessarily a special person who makes us feel fulfilled. Soulmates don’t even have to be someone we know well.

I understand that soulmate connections can happen at any time and any place.  As Sue Minns explains in her book, “Soulmates: Understanding The True Gifts of Intense Encounters,”our soulmates can be anyone with whom we have an intense connection — positively or negatively.  

They are people we can’t ignore. Their job is to teach us something. Once we understand the meaning and purpose of a soulmate’s presence, we can choose to discontinue the relationship. Or, we may recognize the importance of keeping that connection. Many of you authors are radiating your message and connecting with a mass of people. Isn’t it incredible to think how many lives we can touch with our words?

In any event, soulmates test us, and sometimes, they can drive us almost crazy.

Soulmates are the best thing that happen to us. Everyone will encounter at least one. They can be a mother-in-law, siblings, bosses, parents, colleagues… anyone. Just realize that our experiences with them will shed light on the chance to learn about ourselves and our nature.

What’s a soul?

A quick Google search says, “The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.” 

I think of our soul as our essence. Just as our physical, mental and emotional self can grow and learn, I believe our souls are put here on earth to do the same, often by taking on challenges that give us the chance to move forward.

Here’s a deeper perspective by Sue Minns:

“The One gave birth to souls without number in order to experience itself… Each atom of the One contained the polarities of negative and positive in complementary perfection, symbolized by the ancient symbol of yin and yang. Each half, though different, contained the essential seed of the other…

“This separation was a vital experience on the soul’s journey. This is the source of our yearning for union, and our search for the love that we once knew… We look for this reunion in the physical form of a soulmate.”

Soul Groups

It’s fascinating to learn that each soul belongs to a group. Maybe that’s why we all are drawn to the GoRead community. We’re sharing something that’s invisible. A spiritual, emotional connection.  A feeling that we’re on this journey of learning together.

I feel connected with so many of you, especially after reading your stories.  Most of you probably don’t realize that. After sharing your articles, I wonder — what can I possibly say that will make a difference? What stories can I write that will attract others? Will I ever scale the heights to make it to the top of the articles list?

It can almost feel intimidating because I have so much to say. Yet, I have to allow myself to overcome doubts, worry and the feeling of unworthiness. I’ve never been disciplined to write a blog every week. Yet, that’s what I want to do. So, I push past these limiting beliefs, because I want to connect with you on a deep level.

While our physical bodies see everything in a limited, finite way — moving along a timeline of past, present and future — our spiritual world operates differently. If you’re open-minded to this concept, consider that our growth doesn’t just stop after our current lifetime. We’ve been on this journey before. And maybe, you and I were together in a distant past.

Soul Themes

In the book, Soulmates, I read that members of a group are all working on the same soul theme. That theme will appear consistently in different lifetimes, although we’re sometimes given a respite. In order for our soul to grow, we need to experience all aspects of a chosen theme.

That means we’ll be confronted with both sides of each theme, namely the opposite of what we’re working on. Here’s a checklist of some major themes:

Abandonment * Forgiveness * Betrayal * Persecution * Exile and belonging * Judgement * Poverty * Spirituality * Guild * Justice * Trust * Intimacy * Sexuality * Power * Freedom * Disease

If you can perceive each event in your life as a gift, you’ll have a clue about your soul’s theme.  Every event carries a “charge.” What do you think is the theme you’re working on now? I believe mine is dealing with the theme of power. That’s why I have to experience the feeling of powerlessness. I’m working on being able to speak up.

There is a positive, gentle way to express yourself without damaging relationships. My friend and best-selling author, Bob Burg wrote a book about it called, “Winning Without Intimidation.”  It’s a great book to read, whenever you have a chance.

In my next blog, I’d like to share a personal experience that’s a reflection on my personal theme.  It’s a story that has shaped my soul. I hope you’ll check it out.

Until then… have a great week and just know how special you ARE!

Remember: We are living in the “present.”  Our present is a “gift.”

Make the most of it!