Dear friends,

Have you ever thought of writing and publishing a book?

Would you like some help in moving that idea forward?

Would you like to use that book as a marketing tool for your business?

How do you get started on the journey of creating, publishing and producing that first book?

Let’s get down to the most practical aspect of getting your book out into the world.

As I’ve been learning from the experience of creating and publishing my children’s story,

Dancing With Tex, there are three phases in bringing your stories to life in a book format.

These are:

  1. Creating your story,
  2. Publishing your story,
  3. Marketing & Promoting your story.

While my business experience spans 30 years, writing, publishing and now marketing a children’s book has been a totally different experience. Like diving into unexplored waters… not knowing what to expect.

Fortunately, you can count on certain principles that remain the same.

Here are my top seven tips as you market ANY type of book

  1. Follow in the footsteps of those who have successfully gone before you. Study what they’re doing.
  2. Create a website page especially dedicated to your book. Mine is:
  3. Hire a great graphic designer and/or publisher to upload your book into both an ebook and printed copy.
  4. Get a custom link from Amazon to your book. You can promote your book from your link to get more credit.
  5. Use a link shortener — like – to customize your long link and shorten it. My book is at:
  6. Build relationships with your audience by giving away an information product on your website. I’m giving away an audio copy of my book.
  7. Get reviews for your story on Amazon. It’s an effective way to gain more attention for your book.

BONUS TIP: After all that is done, you’ll want to publicize your book to the media.

Here’s a news article that was just published about my story.

For those who’ve gotten my book, I’d be most grateful for your positive feedback on Amazon.

And — if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, I’m doing a free ebook promotion this August 6-8th, 2016.

You can go directly to on those dates, type in “Dancing With Tex,” and receive a free ebook.

Want to learn more about profiting from your own book? What would YOU most like t know?

Please get back to me, and share your thoughts. I’ll be offering more tips soon.

To Your Success,