I was re-listening to a Les Brown audio recording this morning, and every word touched my heart.  He speaks about having faith, belief and perseverance in his dreams until he made his dreams come true.

One of his messages is the title for this blog – “Follow Your Heart – Not The Herd.”

What’s in YOUR heart?

What do you want to do to make a difference?

What’s your dream?

Most of us never have been asked, “What’s your dream?”  It’s important to consider because we only have so much time on this planet.

In our brief time together, I want to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone today.  Do something that takes you forward on the path towards your dreams.  When you do that, you’re stepping into your greatness.

I believe we’re all put on earth for a reason.  It’s our job to discover what our mission is… and then choose to move through our fears and live with faith.

It’s a lesson that I learned – over and over again – especially after taking 20 years to get my children’s story, “Dancing With Tex” into publication… which became an award-winning, best-selling book.

One of my dreams is bringing out more positive stories into the world, and I’d like to shine a light on your good work. 

To make that happen, I’m creating an anthology, “The Difference Makers:  True Stories of Superstar Leaders Uplifting Our World.” 

Twenty-four people will be selected to be a part of this exciting project, which will shine a light on those who are empowering, inspiring and transforming the lives of others.  The world NEEDS more uplifting stories, would you agree?

Learn more at:  https://greatlegacystories.com

You can also pass along this information and recommend someone.  I’m looking for just 24 leaders — those with a cause in their heart and a passion to do good in our world.

No matter what you decide, remember – you DO have greatness within you.

“What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

I believe in you!

To Your Success,