While recuperating from back surgery, I’ve been most grateful for so many people.  I’ve had people bringing over food, flowers,
doing grocery shopping, calling… it has been very gratifying.

Now, I want to reach back and say “Thank you” — just for being here…

For listening…

For continuing to do good in the world…

For reading this message.

Before I give you my gift, I want to weave in a little marketing tip.  It has to do with how to create a compelling subject line in your messages.

Let me ask you — what compels you to open up an email?
Did my subject line entice you to check this out?
What makes up a great subject line?
Do you automatically open up any email?

Consider how to craft your subject lines.

An appealing subject line is essential for any communication. From my experience, an engaging subject line will —

Evoke curiosity Build excitement Identify a core problem Offer a solution to a problem Provide an irresistible offer

A compelling subject line is vital in order to influence people to want to connect with you.  Of course, you’ve got to follow through….

So — here’s how I’ll deliver on my promise of a free gift.

To me, the most precious gift we can give anyone is time.

I’m going to make several complimentary story strategy sessions available this week.  Just go to: https://storymarketingcoach.com.
This will be your chance to hone in on whatever is most important to you! You can also choose to have my free audiobook — “Dancing With Tex:  The Remarkable Friendship To Save The Whooping Cranes.”
See: https://DancingWithTex.com.   (Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your contact info to receive it.)

Until we connect again — have a Happy July 4th!

Wishing you all my best,


P.S. You’re Invited… Circle July 14th, 7-8:30 pm (CST) for a complimentary webinar – “The Power of Story:  How To Attract A 6-Figure Donation & More…”. The link will be coming very soon!