I’ve got a gift for you today.

Since video is the most powerful tool to grow your business, I want to give you instant access to a video platform with many capabilities.

Create video emails.  Video messages.  Video testimonials. Even your own video webinars — all from one easy-to-use platform.

Before you go forth (even if you’ve done lots of videos before), here are seven valuable video tips:

1.  If you’re using your cell phone, hold it horizontally to record.
2.  Make sure you have sufficient lighting.  Avoid having lighting that hits the top of your head or comes from behind you. 
3.  Offer an inspirational quote or message.
4.  Leverage your time by reposting your video across platforms.
5.  Do or say something personal or unique.
6.  Create a call to action at the end of your video or end with a positive message.
7.  Allow yourself to be imperfect.  JUST DO IT! Now that you’ve patiently read the tips, here’s how to access your gift. Go to:  https://TheMaxCommunity.com/Hotline
Register for free.  Two-week trial.  No obligation to continue. You can participate in a free video challenge with prizes. Get online support and enjoy a private Facebook group.

I’m learning new techniques myself.  We can all benefit from being open and willing to stretch ourselves. Consider doing even one video for just a minute or less.

Here’s my video message to YOU.

How about it?

Here’s to your success,