Creating video has gotten easier than ever.  

But a big challenge still remains…

With over one BILLION videos posted on YouTube daily, the  — how do you get found?

Here are story marketing tips so YOU stand out from your competition.

  1.  SOLVE A PROBLEM –  The trend nowadays is creating a challenge.   But a challenge is useless unless you’res solving a problem for someone.  So, instead of encouraging people to simply post any video, think to yourself — what solution can I offer my prospect?
  2. CREATE A CATCHY TITLE — Can you make it emotional?  Does it appeal to a specific audience?  Come up with several titles for your video or webinar, and do a brief survey with your trusted colleagues to get their feedback.   What’s most appealing?  Consider using a keyword that ties in with your topic.
  3. MODEL A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY/PERSON – Who is outstanding in your field?  Check out their work and see how you might create a similar video or program.
  4. MAKE YOURSELF A HABIT – Build trust among your followers by providing value at every step.  As you fulfill needs or exceed expectations, your prospects will WANT to tune in to whatever you have to say.
  5. GET DIRECTION – Distraction can be easy without accountability.  Without guidance, the hard way is inevitable.  Consider having a coach to move your business forward.  Empowerment coaching  helps you be accountable.

On the horizon, I plan to create a new Difference Makers Connections Cafe.  It will be a chance to learn directly from business leaders from around the country and beyond.  What questions would you like answers to?  Please let me know.

Now, for more tips on boosting your business through video marketing, check out the article below.

Happy 2019!