What do you say when people ask, “What do you do?”

Many of us mumble or stumble through an answer. Or we repeat a memorized pitch that sounds canned.  Then we go home, frustrated, and determined to do better… until the next time…
Can you relate?

I remember feeling terribly awkward at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting several years ago.  I used to have stomach pain from the tension, and my neck felt stiff.

My heart was beating fast when it was close to my turn. I had to stand up and speak for 30 seconds.  Could I do it well?  (I wasn’t sure…)

How do I share my mission? the power of story to empower, inspire and transform lives.


The moderator had his hand over the bell, ready to press down on it if you exceeded the time limit. .


No one wanted to hear that dreaded sound.   So how do you best communicate your “elevator pitch — quickly, easily and effectively?

Here’s how:  The 3-Step Difference Makers Story Formula!   
It builds credibility, trust and makes you stand out in the crowd. Soon, you’ll discover prospects waiting to speak to you! Take these three sentences and “fill in the blanks.”   
(Can you print this out and read it aloud?   In come truey, you can focus on making your vision come true.)

STEP 1:  I’m passionate about _______________.  (fill in the blank)

STEP 2:  I remember when (remember a particular moment – a true story that happened to you that made you realize your passion.  As a result, you knew you were onto something.)

STEP 3:  I support x (your ideal client) to do y (what you do) with z (how you do it.)  This last step is what people do -talking about their services without sharing the most important part —  (Step #2) —
their unique story! Here’s to your success,