Whenever you communicate, your feelings get transmitted along with your words.

Be conscious of your feelings when you reach out to someone new.

Are you connecting from an authentic feeling of wanting to serve?  Or do you feel propelled to take action due to feeling needy?

Whether you say anything or not, people will pick up on your feelings and thoughts.  So put yourself in a mindset of giving.  You’re here to solve someone’s problem.  You don’t need this exchange to be a sale.  You’re here to serve.

The Irish poet, William Butler Yeats in 1823 expressed it best, “There are no strangers here: Only friends you haven’t met yet.””

If you’ve hesitated to follow up frequently, you’re not alone. Statistics prove that a “sale” typically occurs after 5-12 times of contacting.  You heard me correctly…. 5-12 times of being in touch!

How often are you in touch with your ideal clients?

My friend and colleague, Bob Burg, an incredible speaker, internationally recognized best-selling author and trainer has this to say from his book, Endless Referrals…

” All things being equal, people do business with people they know, like and trust.”

That’s more relevant today than ever.  With the whirlwind of negative stiff happening in our world, you need to BE THE ONE.   Step out with kindness.  Cultivate relationships built on trust.  Be available.

While most people only follow up two or three times, you can follow up regularly.  Demonstrate that you care.

The success you seek is in the follow-up.  Nancy Matthews, one of the co-founders of The Women’s Prosperity Network, offers a 12-Step Follow-up System.  Here are the first three tips…

TIP #1:  Call to simply say, “Hi!”   If you consider each person as a friend or a future friend, it’s natural to want to know how that he/she is doing.  When you reach out to find out what they are up to, they will inevitably respond with – “What’s new with you?”

That’s your opportunity to share your news…  Here’s a simple example..  “I’m doing great!  One of the things I’m most excited about is a new program that I’ve launched ____________.  (Then, you fill in the blanks.)

TIP #2:  Email (or mail) something that matters to THEM (your prospect).  For example, I want to congratulate you on your _________.  Or “I just saw this article and thought of you…”

TIP #3:  Send a card with a personal message.  People rarely get letters or cards in the mail anymore.  I use the excellent service at Mailbox Power.  You can automate your cards for birthdays and holidays, as well as customize cards for any occasion.  Here’s my link to learn more:  https://mailboxpower.com/lynnsanders

Remember this:  People don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care!

Think of follow up as keeping in touch with a friend — or “friend-to-be.”   

That makes it a LOT easier!

To Your Success,