There are times in life when we need to take a pause.

A time to stop the world and get off.

For this week, I’m basically “off” the grid… no social media posts, minimal meetings.

Just reconnecting with family members and friends to tell them the sad news.

My father, Gil Bogen just passed away on Monday.  Dad was 96 years old,
and he lived a very full, adventurous, outspoken life.

How do you sum up a life in a brief blog?  Here are a few words — Loving family man, outspoken leader for Vietnam veterans, compassionate doctor, proud author and lifelong Chicago Cubs fan.

You can hear my parents share their stories about growing up in the Depression at: In tribute to my father, here are three lessons that I learned from him.
1.     Speak up for what’s right. 
2.     Never give up!
3.     Believe in yourself.

Thanks for being part of my online spiritual family. 

I appreciate you more than you know.   You’re very important to me.

May you be blessed with capturing many stories from your loved ones.

With love,