Words make all the difference in our lives.

They affect our present and future. They leave an impact on others. And their energy imprints Into our subconscious.

Let’s be conscious of not only what others say, but what we say to ourselves.

Believe it or not, 80% of our subconscious thoughts are negative. That’s why we need to take control of our thoughts. Our mind and heart are connected. The heart knows it needs to feel loved. To be inspired. To recognize that we DO make a difference.

So be good to yourself. To make a change in your life, watch your words. You can start by making daily affirmations a part of your early morning and bedtime ritual.

First thing in the morning and at bedtime, consider saying affirmations. Positive words spoken with emotion create a shift in your brain, and it’s transformative.

Best-selling author and speaker, Jack Canfield offers these tips on affirmations:

1. Start the “I CAN” statements.
2. Use the present tense.
3. State it in the positive.
4. Keep it brief.
5. Make it specific.
6. Include an action word, ending with ‘ing.’
7. Include one dynamic feeling word.
8. Make affirmations for yourself, not for others.

EXAMPLE: I am so happy and grateful that I am now _______ (Fill in the blank).

One of my “go-to” affirmations: “Every day in every way, I am making a positive difference.” From my dear friend, Sparky Bridges: “I am uniting humanity through the power of love.”

HOMEWORK: Write down three affirmations for yourself that affirm you’ve already accomplished your goals and dreams.

To Your Success,