We need to be prepared.

As a member of the Max Community, where entrepreneurs have access to experts on technology, I want to pass along important information about security concerns on the internet.  It affects all of us.

You’re probably aware that for the first time in its history, Facebook, Twitter and the Bank of America recently went down for hours. No access.  What does that mean for the public?

Even the biggest organizations are facing security concerns.  Our global world makes each of us vulnerable to hackers.  As I recently learned, much of our personal information is available through google.  Google is the world’s largest search engine.  And it’s easier than ever for outsiders to take advantage of our information through the Google platform.

So – what can we do?

Important tip #1: Turn off your internet access at bedtime.

We can also do the same with our cell phones, by turning them off or putting them into airplane mode. Even our printers now are connected to the internet and can be turned off.   (Turning off the computer also allows it to perform more efficiently.)

Important tip #2
– Change your Gmail address (which allows outsiders to our private information) to Protonmail.com – the world’s largest secure email server.  You can get a free email account at that site.  I just opened a new email at:  lynnsanders@protonmail.com.

Important tip #3
 – Back everything up on your computer to a hard drive.

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