Let’s get real.  I want to ask you…

Are people listening to what you say?

Do they pay attention?

Do they respond to your posts or stories?

Here’s an important tip in building your impact.  BE AUTHENTIC.  Do what you say…  and promote yourself AS YOU!

Problem is — nowadays, so many of us resort to an “easy way” to represent our brand.  It’s so easy to use stock photos.

I was told you can now have someone else write your blog.
You can even use artificial intelligence robots to speak for you.
So — how do prospects really get to know who YOU are? The facts are simple. People connect with authentic photos and real people… Even if you’re not perfectly comfortable on camera…
because they relate to you.

In some political circles, authenticity is becoming rare.  We all know of people with a lack of integrity.

That’s why — when YOU speak from your heart… with your REAL stories, you’re building trust.

You don’t need stock pictures.  Use real pictures that share your story. As you build trust, you’re also reinforcing credibility. People want to be connected with the REAL YOU!

In the above image, I shared the banner of a favorite past interview.  I was delighted to interview my friend and business colleague, Sandy Mosetick, Founder of Cue College, with her high-achieving, deaf daughter, Rachel  McAnallen, who now is a leader at the National Cued Speech Association.
We also had two interpreters —  a Cued Speech transliterator AND a Sign language Interpreter.

As far as I know, no one else has done an interview to this extent about the power of Cued Speech, in a way where both deaf and hearing people could understand every word.

We attracted close to a thousand viewers, and people still love watching this program.

Why?  Because their stories are told from the heart.

See:  https://www.youtube.com/live/xq1qkCx8e-k?feature=share

To make yourself stand out from the crowd, BE YOURSELF!

You’ll make yourself unforgettable.

To Your Success,
Lynn Lynn Sanders
The Story Marketing Genie
Difference Makers Media
Bringing Your Stories To Life

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