I used to think that the more skills I had, the more successful I would be. As I discovered, that’s not necessarily the case.

Each of us only has a limited number of hours in the day. We can’t do everything. What’s most important is not how hard we work, but how smart we work.
Are you with me?

Question #1: 
What’s the #1 priority every visionary business leader needs to focus on? (Hint:  It’s not just what you do…)

Marketing.  (We all need to be doing marketing consistently.  If people don’t know what benefits you offer, how can they buy from you or support your cause?)

How you do your marketing makes all the difference…

Most of us are so busy working IN our business that we don’t spend enough time working ON our business.   So, how can we get more time?  Read on….

  What’s more valuable than your skills?

 SYSTEMS are more valuable than your SKILLS!
The facts are – it takes an average of eight touches before prospects convert into clients. That takes time.  In order to keep in touch without getting exhausted, we all need systems in place to grow our business. An important system is right before you.  It’s the reason why we’re able to communicate now.  It’s the hidden tool behind this email marketing message.
It’s called an auto-responder — a software program that automatically reaches out and responds to people on my behalf. This system got activated when you chose to “opt-in” for my free story strategy guide. You gave me your name and email with permission to keep in touch, in exchange for something of value.  (Of course, you can unsubscribe at any
time… and I’d be sorry to see you go!)

An opt in can be anything that’s relevant to what you do, and helpful for your audience — from a checklist, a guide, or a training video to ten free blue ribbons that honor people!  (See:  http://www.blueribbons.org)

Having a system in place cultivates relationships, saves you time, and grows your business.

If you’d like to learn more about creating an engaging landing page to get you more results, let me know.   Our team is happy to give you more details.

Also, if you know youth who’d like to get involved, feel free to reach out to him!