I always loved the imagery behind Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken.”

Imagine pausing between two diverging roads, and taking the road less traveled by. What did you discover?

Your road becomes your story.  As you journey forward, you’re learning something that leads you to do whatever you do.

For me, the road “not taken” involved my journey in being bullied as the new kid in 8th grade.

As I faced a number of north suburban girls in their cliques, I innocently asked my dad for advice.  He casually suggested I tell the girls, “Go to hell!”

Boy, was he WRONG!

I soon learned the cause and effect of words. That same afternoon, when I used those fateful words after the lunch hour, I was beaten up by a gang of those girls at my locker.  I walked home in tears, wondering how I’d ever make it through the year.

It took the efforts of my supportive mom and the principal to bring some peace to the situation. After that, I was fortunate to make one friend, a smart “outsider” girl, who made the year bearable for me.

My “why” has since evolved into a strong desire to help the underdog… those who need support. I feel for those in need, because I’ve been in their shoes.

I also learned a powerful lesson that still holds true today.

Every word we speak makes an impact.  Words are energy.  They can uplift or bring us down.  We get to choose both our words, as well as the words we listen to from others.

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