You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.” — Henry David Thoreau

Do you realize how special you are?

There is only one you. You are a unique human being, and each day brings new opportunities.Here’s a terrific opportunity right now. If you happen to be an author, writer or know someone whose story needs to be heard by the masses, check out:

You'll learn from an amazing leader, my talented friend Charmaine Hammond,  about creating your own Virtual Book Tour.  There's nothing like it.  You'll get insider tips to generate media exposure, build marketing strategies and sell more books.  This half-day workshop happens on October 28th.  Very affordable too!I signed up right away because Charmaine is incredibly smart, insightful and delivers tremendous value.  Her tips helped me attract sponsors for my children’s book.  She has many years of expertise in building impact for corporate clients, nonprofits and entrepreneurs, and can help you too.  Want to join me?

Please know that I only promote people who I know personally, and who have proven expertise in making a big difference to others.

It’s never too late to go after your dreams too. I urge you to keep learning.  Go outside your comfort zone.  And step into your greatness.  The world needs you.

Thanks for your positivity.  Keep your light shining!

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Beyond being a sponsorship expert, Charmaine just completed producing an animated children’s film, "Back Home Again," paid for by sponsors with many celebrity voices. Here’s the trailer:   ENJOY!