Want to help young superheroes make a bigger difference in the world?

It’s easy to do, and your support can make history with us too.

TODAY is the day!

We’re launching a book fundraiser for the nonprofit, Philanthropy Kids, “The Power Of Giving:  Young Superheroes Making A Difference.”

As a sponsor, your name can be featured too!

What does Philanthropy Kids do?

Philanthropy Kids has been devoted to celebrating and inspiring youth to do philanthropy across the world since 1994.

Their flagship program – PAVE (Philanthropy and Volunteerism in Entrepreneurship) has been in schools across the globe, teaching youth from ages 8-22, about the dynamics in a nonprofit, and building their leadership skills.  

The Impact Factory, for ages 10-30, builds youth kills in developing and managing their own charitable enterprise.

It’s all about educating our next generation to be more kind, giving, compassionate and loving.   There is nothing else like it!

It’s time to hear those positive stories, do you agree?   The more positive stories we spread, the more impact we can make.  Especially among our youth.

Why reach out to more youth?

Youth suicide is the third leading cause of death.

We need to inspire, motivate and empower them to recognize their value. While kids are vulnerable to negative media, The Power Of Giving can be a light that shines a ray of hope… reminding kids that since other youth overcame challenges to make an impact, they can do it too.

How Does It Work?

After the youth submits their stories, an outside panel of judges will review the manuscripts and decide on the top ten authors.  We’re asking the youth to participate in fundraising too.

The ten amazing youth, our “superheroes,” will be interviewed and promoted. Their stories will be published together in a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book. Our marketing team will even promote it to an international best-seller status!

The Power of Giving demonstrates to youth worldwide that their actions matter.

Here’s how you can make history with us as a supporter, donor or sponsor:

1.  Buy gourmet popcorn! (For yourself, friends, family…)  The popcorn purchase supports our fundraising.  You’ll get the popcorn about two weeks after the closing of our fundraising drive.  You can write my name as the “seller” or if you know someone from Philanthropy Kids, you can add their name.
Visit:  https://bit.ly/PK-Fundraising or https://bit.ly/PK-Popcorn






2. Be A Donor or Sponsor.  To donate, choose any amount — from $1 on up. Sponsors can choose from different price levels.  It all makes a difference! See:  https://bit.ly/PK-PowerOfGiving

3.  PLEASE — Share this news on social media and with your circle of fans. (Feel free to get back to me with your ideas, thoughts and suggestions too!)

Thanks for all you do!   Let’s make it happen together. 

With love,

P.S.  ANY donation is greatly appreciated.