It’s Good To Hit The Pause Button….

How do we stay upbeat and positive while the negative media is bombarding us?

1.  BREATHE THREE TIMES.  My Rabbi Bruce Elder recommended taking three deep breaths. Three is an intentional number. In Judaism, the word of G-d is not actually voiced, and can be spoken as a breath.  So – you’re taking the presence of God inside and out as you breathe. (I used that breathing technique before surgery, and it was most helpful!)

Take a walk, jog or bike ride outside. Treasure the wind on your face, listen to the birds, and inhale the scent of the flowers.  We are all inextricably connected, and nature grounds us into a state of calm.  (I have an app of nature sounds on my phone!) 3. HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON.
I’m recuperating this week after surgery, and the doctor advised that I take off this week to rest.  (Do I typically rest and do nothing?  No….)  In any event, I decided I needed to “hit the pause button” – and take off almost everything on my schedule.  We can all benefit from a little more rest, couldn’t we? Our lives evolve from one day to another, just as our stories do.
So let us each take some time to pause and rest.  Rejuvenate our spirits.  Find some time to just “be” in the moment.  Afterwards, we’ll be more ready to tackle obstacles that may come up.

Thank you for your support and kind words on social media over the past ten days.  I’m most grateful.  They were all a great boost to my spirits.

You just don’t realize how a word, thought or action can change someone’s life.
Let us take time for each of us to pause.  Inhale deeply.  And feel the gift of being alive right now.
You are most special to me. WARMLY,
Lynn Sanders