Today, June 8th is my birthday, and I want to celebrate YOU!

What can I possibly do to make a bigger difference in your life?  You know I’m all about helping you create, tell and share your stories to make a positive impact in the world.  So — what can I do for YOU?

Being a perpetual student of life, I’m reading a great book, “Manifesting Your Magical Life,” by Radleigh Valentine.  It affirms my beliefs and offers ideas into being in touch with your angelic dream team.

Whether you believe in angels or not, I do.  Often, when I feel rescued from a challenging situation, I know I’ve had added help.  This book describes how we all come into this world with at least two guardian angels.  One is to comfort us, making us feel safe and loved.  The other angel takes care of specific tasks or areas of expertise in our life.

No matter what you believe, I want you to know of my commitment to be of service to YOU…  someone who cares to make a bigger difference in the world.

While we may be apart in distance, there is no distance in time and space when there is love in our hearts.

May you know how much I appreciate you!

Make A Wish With Me…
I invite you on my birthday…. MAKE A WISH!
Take a moment… close your eyes… and visualize what YOU want to happen this year.Let’s focus on it as our intention…
Then during this year, we will take steps together..
to advance our cause and bring out more positivity in our world.
With faith, belief and perseverance,
I believe we can make dreams come true. Are you willing to make a wish?
Consider doing it…
Our world needs more dreamers like you. YOUR STORIES MATTER!