This message is in honor of my dear friend, mentor and global leader, Helice “Grandma Sparky” Bridges who turns 80 years young today.  She teaches me by her “being.”

She exemplifies the words we all need to hear…
The words that nurture our souls.

The words that uplift us all.

“Who I Am Makes A Difference.”

Those precious six words have been distributed on a blue ribbon to over 50 million people worldwide.  The ribbon is in 12 languages.
The goal is to reach one billion people. Will you help spread the message?
(Visit: and get ten free blue ribbons.)

Being is who we are at our essence.  It’s not what we do. “Being” is radiating the essence of our soul. 

Who do you choose to “be?”

Sparky inspires me and millions of others by “being” love through her blue ribbon.

“Who I Am Makes A Difference.”  

Our souls are hungry for those words that acknowledge our value.

“Who I Am Makes A Difference.”  

Practice saying those words and ask yourself, “How does that make me feel? 

Can I choose to value myself?

Can I believe that I really am making a difference?

Oprah Winfrey says, “We become what we believe.”

How do we believe what we want to become?

* Start repeating affirmations of what you choose for yourself.
* Take time to appreciate yourself. 
* Find someone who supports your dreams coming true.
(I’m here for you!)

So — here’s to Sparky’s birthday and to that spark of love, light and joy that we all share.

We are all connected.  

“Who I Am Makes A Difference.”

Here’s to your success,
Lynn P.S.  I invite you to step out of your comfort zone this week and honor someone.  Let them know why they make a difference to you.  It can be anyone.. a grocery clerk, a business colleague, a coach, friend, family or neighbor…
Watch what happens.  You’ll feel that loving energy come back to you!